Chair covers : Stretch

Sash: Burgundy Taffeta sashes

So its a new year and we have a lot of posts to catch up on from the end of last year, We have also provided the decor at Pembroke Lodge more frequently than not. It is one of our favourite venues with wonderful views, great food and even nicer staff!

SO lets get started..

For this wedding we had the opportunity of dealing with the groom which is a rarity as 90% of our enquiries are from our lovely brides so it was great to hear from a passionate groom.

Pembroke lodge have small round chairs which are perfect for our linen chair covers or stretch, typically at Pembroke lodge our brides tend to opt for our linen chair covers but today our groom has chosen the stretch.

So we got to work!

belveder suite pembroke lodge

85 white stretch chair covers with burgundy taffeta sashes looks like this!

wedding at pembroke lodge chair covers

Taffeta is an alternate option to the traditional organza sash which we have also used at pembroke lodge which looks pretty but just different! The burgundy organza blog can be found here

burgundy organza sash chair covers

Pembroke lodge is a lovely venue for a wedding ceremony its very bright, fresh and has perfect views – we love it!

The windows can be decorated with our superb white draping which can be erected behind the ceremony table or to elegantly drape the windows.

draping pembroke lodge wedding chair covers

The wedding being only two days before christmas so the red burgundy colour was a perfect Christmas theme.

The theme continued with a lovely homemade cupcake wedding cake which fitted with the red christmas theme.

cupcake wedding

The top table at pembroke lodge gets made up after the ceremony and is moved infront of the window so we created this temporary table swag which would have been joined together to create this lovely white organza swag and lights!


lighted top table decor weddings

For more information of our lovely weddings at pembroke lodge then just do a quick search on the right side for pembroke lodge and the weddings will come up!

For more information or if you would like a consultation on how we can help you decorate your wedding get in contact today..



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