Green Wedding Inspiration

So we are well into the year of 2013 and already the trends for this year have already started to surface from our consultations with brides and enquiries of what have been coming in. Every year our most popular posts have been the colour theme posts- direct from us- we say what colours are popular and this year it is Green! Green is fabulous.. and do you know why? There is so much you can do – the greens from the floral arrangements, the bridesmaids, little hints and accents.. so lets get inspiring… Emerald Green is the official colour of 2013 but why limit yourself to just emerald.. there are many shades of green that can be used and should be used..Emerald is just the main one for this year but why be official lets play around with it.



As with all of our colour inspiration posts we HAVE to start with decor, we love decor.. we are the decor specialists, so its fundamental that it comes first. Chair covers, backdrops, centrepieces, lighting its all within the realm of decor its the decoration your guests will see when they initially enter the room with a massive wow! Your wedding photos will showcase the decor it will remain with your guests for ever.. known as a really beautiful wedding or just an ok! so we have some lovely green wedding inspiration photos..

We have had a lot of sage green weddings over the years and the organza bow that matches the rustic colour always looks fab alongside a crisp white chair cover.

Organza, Taffeta wrap sashes also look great and can be substituted taffeta hero

Chair covers can be in linen/ polyester or stretch material which fit a multitude of chairs then add in a green sash and you have a beautiful wedding room.


sage green

Chair covers are the staple necessity at every wedding- we all know this now!

sage green hero


Why not add a large diamonte buckle to the backs of your chairs for that extra bit of sparkle and wow effect.SAGE GREEN WITH BUCKLE sage green organza sash

The table can be elegantly decorated with charger plates and exciting table numbers such as the mini heart tree.


green tree

A green Sweet buffet is an fun and tasty way to get your guests in the mood.. keep it specific with the sweet table that only allows green sweets.

green lollies, green gumballs, green macaroons and green gob stoppers..!

green sweet table

If you are having a wedding reception why not add a beautiful starlight backdrop with green hints- uplighting and draping can provide the best looking way to decorate the room..

green draping

The Groomsmen.

The men get to go a bit wild with this green colour, it can come out fun and funky ways that really showcases personality and their journey on the day. For Example -Green socks each for the groomsmen tells a story incorporates the colour and is fun for the photos, the guys on the wedding day are usually the best ones to be with- they get ready in a few minutes, they are usually sipping bears joking around and being “lads”, watching the game, playing a spot of golf and are usually very relaxed in comparison to the bridal side so its always great when they get involved in the wedding theme.

green socks groomsment

Socks, Ties, hats, scarfs it all plays into this years top colour and little hints and ideas work to complete the theme and your colour scheme..

green ties on groomsmen

These brother of the groom cufflinks can be found here: with a variety of customisations, why not get the entire groomsmen a set- they are memorabilia for the big day whilst being on trend and fitting into the theme.

Green wedding trend cufflinks

Wedding Cakes

Everyone loves a good wedding cake photo so we present to you our favourite green cakes, despite green being not such a popular colour for appetising food we found it pretty easy to find these lovely cakes in the green trend.

Round Tiered cupcake we have you covered.

luxury green cake

We always have to post a cupcake cake photo, because we know you love it- still as popular as day one when we go to weddings..

These little handmade sugar petals are a great touch to the tops of each cupcake. green cupcakes

If you do not want the cake to be completely green why not add a green ribbon with a beautiful broach.

green broachWhy not change the shade of the cake with green with this lovely cake!

green pattern wedding cake

green cake square

As with all colours you can go as bold or as subtle as you please..

green stripe cake


The leafy nature of floral arrangements and bouquets will automatically tend to incorporate green so even the slightest bit of foliage will keep you up to date with the popular colour of this year..

However for those of you that want a little more than just foliage feast your eyes on this!

green wedding bouquet

Floral arrangements around candelabras truly make them majestic, we have stunning silver and black candelabras for hire in our warehouse and we can provide in house floral arrangements for your big day.

green flowers on candelabra

green flower ball

south african flowers

Its often that you may need to go a bit exotic to get the green flowers..

Such as this huge south african bouquetafrican flowers

If you want to through yourself fully into this lovely colour why not go all out!

Table linen, chair pads, and even the seat complete this lime look

green wedding decor

The Bridesmaid:

Your girls for the day will help you get through and be at your side looking pretty -so you have got to incorporate them into the theme..

green bride theme

Green is a dress colour your girls can wear again to other parties especially if the dress is more like a gown-

green dress for wedding

As with all of our wedding colour inspiration posts- we hope you take the ideas and use them to fit in with your wonderful special day.. we have the really special pleasure of visiting hundreds of weddings and wedding venues every year and we always find something special about each wedding so we love sharing what we have learnt with our readers..

If you have any questions about the green theme feel free to get in touch

We are event stylists that decorate weddings, parties and events..





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