So your guests are about to take their seats to celebrate your matrimony a place they will be sat for a few hours through the courses, entertainment and even dancing so its important to make it count. Its a personal area that you have created for them so todays post will be a little inspiration on how you can decorate their little space at the party.


Simple place settings:

Simple place settings work just as elegantly as the lavish ones,

Cutlery, Napkins a little favour for your guests, place name and the plates all set out look beautiful to the pickest of guests.

simple placesetting

Why not try a small flower tucked into the napkin..

pretty place setting

pretty cute placesetting wedding

pretty cute placesetting wedding

Fun place settings showcase your personality and your unique likes and loves..

Some of the placesettings can be seen below enjoy!

Using your favourite things can create interesting table decorations..this couple have a unique love for horses!

fun placesettings

The gold horn matches the gold runner..

fun place settings gold

The Macaroon place setting – for the sophisticated guest!

food placesettings

Napkin rings are a pretty way to create more of a unique design for the typically boring napkin..

Use it for your placesettings to create something equally different.placesetting with napkin rings

This Napkin ring uses lace and bows..

placesetting with napkin rings

This glitzy black napkin ring matches the placename and menu

placesetting with napkin rings

A charger plate alongside a glitter sequin napkin creates this unique setting.

placesetting with napkin rings

These placesettings which we have selected we love because they provide the guests with something incredibly unique and special for the guest.. check them out!
place 18

This really is a basica setting, but it works- minimalist!

unique placesettings

Hopefully these gorgeous images have inspired you to create something beautifully unique for your big day!


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