Pembroke Lodge, a lovely picturesque venue situated in the rural leafy heart of Richmond park, filled with deer, wildlife and cyclicsts.

We love Richmond as we get to decorate the lovely Pembroke Lodge for an pleathora of superb events for wondeful brides and grooms.


This past month we have visited the lodge a couple of times and one in particular was for a sit down reception for over 130 guests.

The bride opted for the luxury linen chair covers with a purple organza sash supplied and fitted by the Designer Chair Covers To Go team.

She also chose to incorporate our tall 80cm silver candelabras which can be found on the main website : HERE:

candelabra with floral arrangement

These were adorned with a lovely assortment of fresh early spring flowers such as tulips, roses and hydrangeas.

With the new year recently passing, the Pembroke Lodge grounds has had a bit of a facelift with new flooring and bathrooms, so our bride was the first to get to walk down the aisle to the highly polished and buffed flooring.

pembroke lodge candelabra

Considering it was an early January wedding the weather was perfect, sunny clear blue skies and relatively warm weather- what possibly more could you want?!

2013 is upon us..let the weddings begin!


pembroke lodge wedding



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