We are always looking at new and exciting inspirational ideas for the blog and today we have come up with some fantastic ideas in ways you can decorate your wedding reception through the use of anti gravity effects!

Lets get to it!


Flower balls- these stunning creations made from the brightest flowers can be very striking and subtly beautiful.

We have these flower balls in stock which can be an equally fabulous option.

flower balls hanging


Glass candle holders are another delightful decoration piece- a recent wedding we conducted had these delicate items hung from a tree- in this particular image the bride placed flowers in each of the glass holders and because of the clear frame of the holders it looks almost invisible – a great decor idea.

glass candle holders

Vintage is still here and we believe it will be around to stay – rustic, antique feelings will always surround weddings- the good old days is where this mindset has stemmed from.. and with it comes birdcages and pearls and pretty wedding decor.

Hanging birdcages adorned with soft pink roses and pearls suspended from trees and rafters make the feeling very rural and country.. splendid!

birdcages vintage flowers

Paper lanterns are traditionally from the east however they seemed to have made a jump over to the west for wedding ceremonies.

Bright, big and bold- they look fabulous

lanterns wedding

Photo frames seemed to becoming quite popular in our weddings this year but hanging them from trees or gates is an unique way to display them! We think it adds a warmly feel.

photo frames wedding


wedding chandlier

We believe chandeliers will the next big thing in weddings.. just wait and see! there will be a lot more to come on that.



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