Its been a busy busy week at Designer Chair Covers To Go, in fact its been a busy may and april we have so much to update you on! However, There is one thing in particular we feel we have to share as we simply LOVE!

We have had a influx of brides opting for our chrome lanterns and we just thought we would share the affect with you!

Our first outdoor wedding of the year at Selsdon Park featured many of our items around the room (More to come on that later)

However for the outdoor cermony which took place in a secreat garden we provided a white aisle runner alongside 10 chrome lanterns which elegantly created a stunning pathway to walk down.

lanterns outdoor wedding
lanterns outside


The next wedding that took place was one held at pembroke lodge in richmond.

The chair covers were white with a simple silver organza sash and the chrome lanterns were placed just at the head of the aisle as an entrance for the bride.


lanterns for wedding

The chrome of the lantern worked superbly well against the silver sash

The final wedding this particular week was that in the centre of the city.

The bride opted for ten lanterns to decorate her aisle alongside a crisp white aisle runner.

The runners come complete with a protective film which isn’t to be removed until the bride is just about to come out- that way no pesky footprints or stains can get on the white carpet before she is due to arrive.

Our carpets are cut to size so we can cover shorter runways of 5m to large colossal runway aisle of 50m

wedding lanterns aisle ceremony

The Lanterns can be used with a large chunky pillar candle which burns for a total of 70 hours so lasts the entire night!

The great thing about the lanterns is that once the ceremony is over they can be moved to the sit down reception and used to decorate the room and create ambiance for during the speeches and sit down.

The lanterns are proving very popular this year to reserve yours simply give us a call:


Designer chair covers to go



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