We had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family at a wedding fair back in September in preparation for her sons coming of age and celebration at the largest Hotels in London (over 1000 rooms )

The cumberland has a lovely banqueting space for parties and events with a very unique centre stage screen which is very contemporary and modern with the remainder of the hotel.

the cumberland hotel london



The chairs at the Cumberland are very large and black and not very wedding/party/attractive so this is where the chair covers come in.

The party was for 200 guests a table was set for 40 of the children in a long banqueting style table which looked stunning with our electric blue bands.

the cumberland hotel wedding

The remainder of the tables consisted of round banqueting tables for the family.

The Tables featured our very popular luxurious and dramatic crystal globes which went perfectly with the contemporary room with an element of fun.

As you can see we used our new electric blue bands to give a completely different look to the room compared to a traditional sash.


White chair covers

Crystal Globes

Blue bands


blue bands chair covers cumberland hotel london


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