Table place setting ideas for your wedding

I have had a few conversations with brides that are a little lost about how to decorate their guests tables. Simply because they are unsure about how it will look, how much is enough, will it be too much. It is a big puzzling process.

So this inspired us to create this handy post that will inform you of a few ideas which you should consider and think about when your planning your table decor.



Napkins are a great way to add colour, contrast, decor or fill space on the table, there are a tonne of different ways napkins can be folded to create something unique and special for you particular day. A few weeks back, we posted the photograph of a mans suit which we folded for a bar mitzvah. Of course for a wedding it does not have to be as elaborate but a simple hang down fold or a square book fold can be very effective in taking up spacing on the table in place of charger plates or plates if you are having a buffet.

napkin tie suit and tie lime green

One particular bride we are decorating in the summer is having a buffet spread for her sit down meal so the main dinner plates will not be on the tables to begin with, so we advised her to have a pretty napkin fold on the table which will add to the decor. She was concerned that the table may then look a little sparse but if you view the photograph below you can clearly see the table still looks very stunning without charger plates or dinner plates.

Just folding the napkin alongside the crockery is just as good and still looks superb.

grand caunnaught rooms london

4. Charger plates

Charger plates are a popular one for easily filling the tables with decoration items, chargers are a great way of adding colour to your table decor, in an elegant and pretty fashion.

We have our mirror charger plates that can be used for the top table for the crystal theme.

charger plates

In the next few months we will be getting beaded charger plates in the showroom but as you can see from the photographs they really do create elegant table settings without the need of much else.

charger plate hire london

3. Favours and gifts

Favours can be as creative and wild as you wish or as plain and simple favours can tell a lot about the couple and we have seen some lovely options from the more traditional boxes to the favour bags, to jewellery or nail varnish and little alcohol minatures the options are huge.

box gold favours

So with your favours it creates another dimension in decorating your tables and creating a pretty place setting.

2. Tea lights

Candles will ever be a popular choice for table settings at weddings, dinners and parties they really are a humbling and romantic feature to put on a table and create a superb atmosphere to get your guests to chat and be more open around the table. There is nothing worse than no talking around a table at a wedding. Candles start the talking..

tealights on the table romantic ideas

1. Runners and overlays

A way of adding more colour to a plain stark table would be through the use of runners- It can be in the colour scheme or a contrasting colour but against the plain white table linen table runners can really create a unique look for your tables. Very budget friendly and a simple linear line or a cross can be very beautiful in transforming the room.

table runners wedding

For more ideas on place settings be sure to view our other blog posts on designer chair covers to go and for any more information on our decor and hire items check out our main website

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