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One of the most common questions we get from our wonderful clients is that they are often confused about how to decorate the table when they are having a buffet style menu.

charger plate hire

With our larger weddings we cater for- that is our clients that have over 300 guests and more- these celebrations normally have several serving stations for the buffet menu simply because of the large numbers of people requiring food at the same time.

(Not always the case but its been popular)

gold charger plate

So with that said, the tables will have glasses, centrepieces, favours, name tags, but no plates.. as these will be positioned at the buffet.

With that said, this leaves a huge space on the table – Charger plates have been created for such a reason.

It is the same reason women wear earrings or necklaces- it is an elegant accessory that serves to beautify and style an area.

Rather poetic!

beaded charger plate

But as you can see from these images the beaded charger plates we have in stock are very poetic and create a beautifully set table almost instantaneously.

They are elegantly made of a pure glass with the silver or gold beaded add-ons which fit in with most themes.

Have a look through our images and let us know what you think

beaded charger plate



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