Cake table mirror table tops are a lovely way to present your wedding cake for the big cutting of the cake.
Cakes are always a feature at any wedding and everyone always gets the cake cutting shot so it’s paramount to ensure that the cake is presented in a way that’s sure to wow and excite your guests.

You may, or may not know but we already supply 5ft mirror table
tops for guest tables for the ultra elegant and extravagant look.
The mirror tables instantly transform and create a luxurious event almost instantaneously.

So it was important we continued this for those brides and grooms that wanted the complete look.
So here you have an awesome cake on our fantastic mirror table top.

At present the cake table only comes in a 3ft round..
Most cake tables are this size traditionally.
The mirror cake table reflects light and the cake itself, creating a cake that’s double the height from the magic of mirrors.

If you would like more information about our mirror range then do get In touch
We have a lot of new items yet to be blogged on our site and a huge number of weddings yet to be showcased.

With an average of 8-10 weddings per weekend we are really knocking them out of the park and we cannot wait to show you our work which will be updated over the winter season months.
But if you’d like to come and visit our showroom why not give us a call and we can show you in person.

We also have a 3ft round glass panel which also creates a lovely effect for your cake presentation.

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