Wedding Decor Trends 2015

Wedding Decor is our speciality so we of course have to write about the next biggest thing to be seen in the wonderful world of weddings.

After our exhibition marathon and our newest brides asking for certain styles and ideas as well as items we will be getting in over the winter season.

With that said, lets get started with our top ten decor trends and ideas for weddings in 2015.




Large opulent wedding trees are here to stay. They are still very much a wow effect for guests and when they enter the reception room.

Trees really are the epitome of bringing the outside indoors and can create a mystical and majestic setting.

wedding tree ideas wedding tree ideas wedding tree ideas wedding tree ideas

As you can see these beautiful photographs showcase the beauty of bringing in the outdoors inside.

Adorned with flowers and stems it is a wonderful option for your big day.

Especially for 2015

9) Chandeliers

Chandeliers are rapidly becoming a feature in our weddings- We have a beautiful set of chandeliers which we include in our backdrops and wedding decor around the room suspended from ceilings.

Chandeliers can be added to your decor after a site visitor or backdrop design.

chandelier wedding chandelier wedding chandelier wedding chandelier wedding


8) Arches and Arbors

Arches are certainly one of the popular items requested for at the exhibitions and through our websites.

Arches are perfect for the ceremony- picturesque and very romantic for the big I Do’s.

Arches are also slowly working their way over to the sit down reception meal as it is possible to have a beautiful arch erected behind the top table.

Have a look at the images and let us know what you think!

In all of these photographs flowers feature heavily in decorating the arch so it is important to use your florals in creating the desired stunning look.

wedding arch wedding arch wedding arch




Pedestals are excellent presentational tools for displaying florals, centrepieces, ideas and more.

More commonly used around the centre aisle to decorate with flowers or alternatively presentation items for the top table.

Pedestals come in a variety of styles including mirror pedestals, wood pedestals, ornate pedestals, roman pedestals and more.

It is important to select the correct style for your wedding theme

We have the popular white pedestals as well as the luxury mirror pedestals.

View the photos below!

pedestal for aisle pedestal for wedding


6) Charger plates

One of our popular items we have are our new glass beaded charger plates in gold and silver.

Charger plates really are a gorgeous place setting option, they create a lovely table for the plates to go onto.

They become part of the decor items.

As you can see in the photographs the beaded charger plates are a awesome wedding table. We have gold and silver in stock.

gold charger plate beaded charger plate charger plate hire beaded charger plate beaded charger plate charger plates

5) Flower wall

The flower wall made famous by Kim KArdashian and the Kanye West wedding featured earlier this year.

Her lovely wedding has now trickled down into our world of weddings and we are noticing the trend grow immensely.

The flower wall is great because you can customise the flowers to your colour theme- the wall can the be used for photographs for your guests or for the ceremony and behind the top table.

It will look gorgeous.

Have a look at these flower walls for more!

flower wall flower wall wedding flower wall wedding


We still have 5 more trends to go.. you’ll have to catch our part 2 blog post to discover what else will be heavily featured in weddings for 2015.

If your planning your wedding decor at the moment, Get in touch with us.




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