luxury wedding ceremony

Taken from a central London wedding held back in the height of summer is this beautiful ceremony decor. Brilliantly styled with our gorgeous selection of items.

Using our sterling silver chiavari chairs alongside our large crystal buckle bands which created a lovely contrast with the white carpet aisle runner.

The buckles are a great addition to the backs of the chairs to make them unique and add your own colour.

Taken from a previous wedding whereby our bride opted for a lovely green sash alongside the large buckle band and silver chairs.silver chairs wedding sashes

Everything is customisable to the highest degree!

Change the sash colour, or the chair colour or even the buckle!

So for this luxury wedding at one of London’s 5 Star venues in London

The silver chiavari chairs looked like this!

luxury wedding ceremonyThe ceremony also featured our 10M white single use aisle runner carpets which gave our bride a huge runway up to the ceremony table.

The ceremony table is a versatile piece for use as a top table or for the reception.

Ivory grand and ornate we like to call it!

Featured here in another wedding we decorated earlier on in the year.. Alongside the GORGEOUS wedding throne chairs.

A unique luxury one-of-a kind chair to the uk!

throne wedding


The other end of the aisle featured a beautiful chuppah styled ceremony drape.

With three chandeliers and soft sheer draping.

We can create this amazing look for you!

The throne chairs can be found on our main page- but also feel free to search for the chairs in use in a variety of other weddings.outdoor ceremony wedding


The final feature of this beautiful wedding ceremony is the mirror pedestals.

The 90cm in height makes them the perfect showcase piece for florals or centrepiece.

Why not have them behind the top table or Around the room!

Taken from another wedding – outdoor-

The pedestals as you can see create an illusion!

For any information of the items listed in this post- get in touch!

WE would love to assist creating a beautiful ceremony for you!



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