The Love sofa has rapidly become one of our popular items.

We of course still have a following for our luxury throne chairswedding throne chair

The thrones are an elegant white leather with crystal detailing and provides an incredibly luxury look to the head table.

This particular photograph above showcases the use of a semi circle table to create a sweetheart table for simply the bride and groom.

Other members of the bridal party will be located on a primary table close by.

This is particularly useful if you have a long top table or you cannot decide who you should place on the top table.. our clients are now removing the option all together and primarily becoming the only two on the stage.

Behind the popularity of the thrones we would like to present to you our love sofa!

nigerian wedding sofa


The gorgeous sofa for two perfect for the sweetheart table design or alternatively the traditional engagement party found in most weddings.

This particular shot was taken from a Nigerian Wedding held in North London.

But the sofa works well for the top table (which will be showcased this weekend!)

The love seat is a beautiful paired bit of beauty.

If you would like to hire the love seat for your big day.. Get in touch

african head table copy logo


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