Beaded charger plates are a purely luxurious table dressing effect to make a stunning place setting for your guests.

The beaded charger plates are a heavy glass plate with a beaded rim which we provide in either silver or gold.

The plates are perfect for those couples that would like to host a party with a fabulous tablescape.

Featured heavily in most wedding magazines and blogs the charger plates has become the new necessity of the stunning table setting.

Whilst chatting with a client about the use of charger plates, she proceeded to ask me about the source and why it was given such a name which ultimately inspired this blog post today.

charger plate

With a little research (thank you google) I have discovered the reason behind the name of the charger plate..

A little fun fact! The word “charger” originated around 1275 – 1325 from the Middle English “chargeour”. Formerly, a charger signified either a large platter or a large, shallow dish for liquids.[2]

If you were unsure- the food is not actually served on the decorative charger plate- it is only underplate- which goes underneath the dinner plate.

There is also an etiquette to the plates: you may want to inform your caterer if he/she is unsure.

The plates can often be used to decorate the table for when guests arrive and cleared away prior to the first course or alternatively used for mains meals when the charger plate compliments the dinner plate.


The plates are used for the first and second course and often removed before the desert.

This of course is not set in stone, if you want the plates for the deserts.. no one is stopping you!

The plates bring a multidimensional beautiful feeling to the table top and come in an assortment of styles, shapes and colours (we at the moment only stock the beaded!) but time will tell!


If you would like to find out more about our charger plates.

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