Every year we have pretty much made some very interesting predictions for the upcoming year ahead and somehow this year we are a bit late in posting this article with our predictions of what is to come in the beautiful world of wedding decor.

We are at the front line with may of our hire items and get to see first hand from our clients what is popular, what looks to stay and what is on its way out.

This article will look to showcase 5 items we believe will be popular for the remainder of this year and early next year.

5.Gold –

The colour gold is one of the first items we feel will always be in fashion and remain a highly requiested piece when it comes to the decor when dressing a wedding or event.

Gold is regal, it screams luxury, rich and warmth- of course it does need to be the right shade to ensure it creates these lovely adjectives.

Ways of including gold in your wedding theme can be as simple as

Gold organza sashes

Gold chiavari chairs

Gold cutlery

Gold rimmed glasses

Gold Centrepieces

Gold table linen

Gold Sequins

Gold charger plates

Gold Sofas

Gold/amber lighting around the room

It is a fantastic colour which really will be one that will be hear to stay.

A lot of the items listed we have in stock so please get in touch if any of these fantastic feature items tickle your fancy in creating your gorgeous gold wedding theme.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors and the use of mirrors give the impression of cleanliness, grand spaces and areas and luxury.

We stock a range of mirror products which are one of the popular items we are noticing to feature in a lot of the American and Australian blogs.


Mirror table tops come in various sizes including top table lengths and cake table size.

We also stock pretty mirror pedestals for large display arrangements

Mirror vases for small guest table arrangements


3.Bell Vases

We stock a pretty selection of vases including the very popular bell vase.

These stunning hand blown vases are a dramatic feature perfect for a wow effect floral arrangement.

We work with fresh and silk flowers with our in house florist so these vases make an awesome feature for that.

2. Trees

We mentioned this in our post back in 2015 but we really think these are going to be HOT for this year!

Dramatic trees for your tables which really create an impact that works really well for our clients that want to say WOW when they enter a room.

Decorated with flowers, glass orbs, lights and more!

Stay tuned for more..

wedding tree ideas


1, Floral Wall

The final item of the year we believe will move into its height of popularity is the floral wall.

If you were unaware (Where have you been?!)

We have one of the tallest flower walls in the UK standing at an impressive 2.6M

We can go as wide (if not wider) as 8M

Built of hundreds of hydrangeas, roses, peonies and orchids.

Custom made each time for every one of our brides/clients.

Most popular walls have been the blush pink with ivory as well as the red and white floral walls.


We have such a huge range of items and products/services we offer and this blog/website does not show the full extent of it.

We are a one of a kind brand that offers really unique bespoke items at excellent prices.

The true one stop shop for everything pretty when it comes to decorating your big day or event.

Visit our main website for a bit more of an organised catalogue of SOME of our items

OR come down to a showroom for a more interactive meeting!



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