The Clear tables we now stock have been featured in 3 weddings over London and counting!

The clear tables came popular on instagram over the past few months and our clients have been requesting them ever since.clear head table

So we now stock a beautiful 6ft clear table which can be filled with flowers, petals, led candles and more.

Have your first meal as a married couple on a bed of petals!

Here are some images taken from a few weddings which we want to share with you.

The images included are taken from our full decor Fennes wedding which also features our floral arch, throne chairs, silk flower centerpieces and more.

More to come on this wedding later!

cake table floating


The Cake table comes in two different sizes 3ft and 4ft round tables

We can also customise the cake table to include a hanging chandelier and more!

The Cake table can be found here: Cake table click me

The 6ft couples table can be found here: Couples Table click me

Give the office a call for more!

We would love to hear from you!




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