Grand Connaught Wedding- The review!


Wedding At Grand Connaught Rooms

After a busy summer, busy September arrived to Designer Chair covers to Go’s HQ.

One day, we had two weddings at the same venue. Wow!

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms are very popular for events and weddings.

We have decorated their rooms many times already, but this day was very special for us. Two of our clients had their weddings in this venue on the very same day, one is upstairs, one downstairs with two very different themes.

One, being rather cool with ice mirror and darker colours and the other a warm, gold and bright themed wedding.

So first of all let me tell the story of Dolly and Danny’s big day in the main ballroom. It was a sunny day in London, as we say it was a perfect day to get married. We got there around 10am, ready to create magical things for them.

We decorated 40 tables with different sized centrepieces. Their colour scheme was navy blue with clear items and a hint of silver and crystal.

Half of the tables had our large Bell Vases  with our floral arrangements consisting of hydrangeas, roses and wisteria. Around the vases we scattered crystal tea light holders with real tea lights. They were very well matching with the navy blue table cloths.

Other tables had cylinder vases raised on booster boxes with fresh flowers. We placed clear tea lights on the tables as the venue allowed real candles which we really make a lovely glow on the table, the whole atmosphere had a calm, romantic impact that only people who were attended could really feel.

One of our most creative designs came true on that day. The top table looked fantastic, it took us long weeks to plan it, but every minute was worth the effort as the team did something extraordinary.

For the backdrop we covered the back wall with a white drape, we then built a custom mirror structure with a large floral header made from all white orchids. 

That structure was a really exciting piece which we loved providing and designing.

Calculations, different ideas, inspirations came into our mind. Luckily by the day we were confident to set up something different and new and could not have gone better. The flowers were smoothly cascading down from the top of it alongside the hanging orbs.

Other piece of our art was the very modern, freshly designed flower runner.  We wanted it to be a dramatic piece that was also reflected on the Mirror dancefloor. We had it cascade down the front of the table and it gradually grows wider as it goes down the front of the head table.

As these two items were already gorgeous on their own, we did not want make too much more around them, so just put some silver speckled hurricane vases and the smallest sized cylinder vases on the floor, in front of the head table and by the throne chairs.

We had the same feeling about the actual top table, the more is less, so the couple had stemmed tea light holders with floating candles and some crystal tea light holders in front of them.

Just like everything else, their cake was brilliant, too. We felt amazed that that unbelievable creation could shine on our unique acrylic clear cake table.

Check out the video and try to believe your eyes!

Dolly and Danny is a lovely couple, we wish them all the best and thank you.

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