Syon Park Wedding and Dance floor

The conservatory at Syon Park a unique venue in the heart of South west London.

Seating around 180 guests this wedding was a pretty one.

We installed a beautiful white seamless dance floor with the couples custom logo in the middle.

The white seamless dance floor is quickly becoming our speciality with 90% of our couples choosing this dancefloor as their go to choice for their wedding.

We also provide gold mirror, silver mirror and printed dance floors as other options but this one always seems to be the classic.

The dance floor is now the ultimate in terms of a centrepiece for the room its self.

Right in in the middle of the room a statement piece which really captures attention of guests as the enter.

You can view more on our dancefloors on our main website here:

Main website – Catalogue 

Here are some more images of the dance floor at the wedding at Syon Park The conservatory.

syon park seamless dancefloor wedding


We also provided a White DJ booth for this wedding.

white dj booth

syon park wedding



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