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Today we are pleased to announce our new rustic enchanted wedding item which is our beautiful ever green ficus trees. 

The dramatic full table top trees are an ideal item for your wedding or event.

These are perfect centrepiece options for clients that do not wish to go down the traditional route.

green tree hire ficus

Our green trees took their first outing at the wonderful painshill park.

The trees are full and lush and evergreen unlike real trees.

One of the main advantages of a silk alternative to a real tree is the possibility of having trees on your tables at all times throughout the year.

The trees look fantastic and full unlike how real trees can die!

They are more environmentally friendly

They can be used indoorsgreen trees london

They are more uniform than natural trees yet look fabulous.

green tree hire

They certainly don’t cost as much as fresh trees!

There are loads of plusses for the artificial green trees so do let us help your event with them.

Are you thinking about an enchanted themed wedding?

If so- Lets talk, if you want more traditional items we also stock these as well

View the main website for more information.

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