7 reviews for White Stretch chair covers

  1. Jane and wes

    Loving the site.We would like a quote 50 stretch chair covers and 50 silver grey seat tie ribbons. A cake drape and top table drape. Thank you

  2. Lucia

    I would like a quote for 80 bows in Aqua Blue without de white wrapping wheter it would be possible. Thank you.

  3. Meg

    50 stretchy Chair covers. How much is per chair cover. Thank you

  4. MS.Pemberton

    What’s the quote for 100 stretch chair cover please ?

  5. Nicola Wilson

    Please can I have quote for 130 white stretch chair covers with baby blue bow

  6. Natasha

    I would like a quote on 60 chair covers and 60 stash

  7. Blanche

    Please quote to hire 50 white stretch chair covers.
    Thank you.

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