Once again, it is that time of year when we like to present our colour blog which summarises wedding inspiration themes that are popular with our brides and this colour which has to be a very popular for weddings, parties and events due to its cooling affect is blue.


Blue has a fabulous advantage of being easy to find and tends to go with most colours- from the white table linen, white chair covers and white hints that are found throughout the room naturally to any other colour you have to add in as an alternate colour dotted around the room for your wedding.

I recently had the pleasure to meet a bride that was smitten with the colour blue and it was at this point it occurred to me just how fabulous the colour of blue is for a wedding.

From the subtle soft baby blue to the strong navy blue the range is vast and exceptionally beautiful for creating a lovely day.

blue organza wedding theme
Blue wedding theme


As usual from a decor company we have to start with one of the best parts of all- The Styling and room transformation..

As mentioned before we have a wide selection of blues simply because of its popularity.

Baby blue organza sashes seem to be on the come back this year with several weddings opting for this colour.

baby blue organza
Blue organza sash

Baby blue is often linked to baby showers and new born boys but it can be seen as really soft and calm for a wedding. It can be added to the table in numerous ways from the confetti on the table which can be dried flowers or baby blue crystal table scatters which work well with a centrepiece be it floral or crystal. We often have the pleasure of seeing a variety of items personal to the couple that they like to have and place on thier guest tables. One in particular that we loved was these personalised baby blue fans which doubled up as place names that everyone took away. It becomes a lovely keep sake for all of your guests and they will forever remember your special wedding.

baby blue fan wedding table decor ideas
blue ideas

baby blue confetti

For something more traditional with wedding favours the very popular organza bags are also a great option- to be filled with your favourite sweets, coloured jelly beans or traditional almonds.

baby blue organza bag

We have a variety of blue sashes in organza and taffeta and one colour which has been very popular is the cornflower blue in taffeta.

We used these sashes for an event in Cambridge for their leavers ball and it was striking even without chair covers!

cornflower blueIf you are really considering to take the blue theme into something more dramatic why not opt for blue table linen as shown below. It looks even better with the matching table napkins. I think White chair covers with a blue bow would have completed this look to neutralise the strength of the blue linen.

blue table cloths

Ways to decorate the ceremony room would be with a blue carpet with the use of aisle draping this can really soften and complete the look. Its different from the usual red carpet and it will make guests take notice.

blue wedding aisle

We always advocate for chair covers– simply because they really change the room and create something stunning so if your thinking about your decorations the staple for any luxury wedding is in the chair covers and the colour coordinated sashes. Do see the main website for more information on our decoration and event styling.

navy blue organza
navy blue wedding


Everyone always loves wedding cake- the individuality that you can find out about a couple lies in the cake- options designs and flavours is purely amazing and it is one of the reasons why we started our cake of the week option as we get to see some fabulous cakes made by some of the best cake decorators around London and Kent.

Cakes seem to be going through a mix of tiers and cupcakes both have been equally popular this year and they look great and taste even better.

luxury blue cake
luxury blue wedding cake

I personally love tierd cakes as they are traditional they can be decorated immensely and always look fabulous- the centre focal point for a wedding.. everyone always wants to see the cake and taste it.

CUPCAKE cakes are great for their convenience and modernity – the decoration options are limited to the top of each cupcake but combined together they are scrumptious.

blue cupcake and black
blue cupcake cake


Flowers are a fab and traditional option if your theme colour is blue- certain colours like teal are almost impossible to find- but blue enables you to have a nice selection of flowers to choose from which can fit almost all budgets.

The range of blue flowers available are as follows: Monkshood, African lily, Flowering onion, Wildflower, Canterbury bells, Sea holly, forget me nots, hydrangeas, Iris, lavender, love in the mist, Scylla, Vanda and more!

Lots of choice.. its great

blue hydrangeas wedding theme

These lovely blue and green hydrangeas are a great option of the table- very fresh for spring weddings.

The floral side in weddings come throughout from the bridal bouquet to the top table decor so it is great when you have a flower that can be found easily.

blue bouquet

We have conical vases here in the warehouse and this picture below utilises their thin yet dramatic height to create a really elegant floral table centrepiece- they are a wonderful option as they enable your guests to communicate whilst sat at the table without any obscurity. PERFECT.

blue floral centrepiece

 We also have fish bowls which can be customised to match your theme.. or preference- here the use of submersed blue flowers create a very nautical sea feel which is lovely.

blue fish bowl wedding ideas
blue fish bowl centrepiece



The lovely ladies that surround you on your special day get to wear what you decide!! and with the popularity of blue outside of weddings it makes it very easy to get everyone a flattering dress. I had a bride that went for a champagne colour which she found incredibly hard to match with the rest of her wedding items. So opting for a blue theme has this huge advantage.

different types of blue dresses


I typically like bridesmaids to wear the same colour dress but in different styles to showcase their own personality and to ensure the dress flatters their body..but the choice is yours.

blue dresses wedding

 Weddings are fun and beautiful days for all the parties involved- it is a day whereby everyone comes together to celebrate you as a couple whilst giving your guests an opportunity to really see your creative ideas as a duo as you create the day for them.

Some unique colours can really exhaust you as you try to match it perfectly but with blue its generic popularity has enabled an assortment of options to be available to you so you can focus on more pressing things..

blue bride dress


There is no need to stress out!

We are here to help in the decor.. so get in touch today!




  1. Wow amazing blue colored chair cover. They look awesome and would make the wedding decoration look more classy and decorative.


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