The wedding reception or wedding breakfast is the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom to get creative to design and transform into their own “baby”. The couples personality and style is shown throughout the day but the decoration of the wedding reception truly gives a idea into the type of couple you are. From this blog we plan to suggest a few ideas for your wedding repletion which you are free to adopt with both popular and unique ideas.

Wedding reception Ideas london

Plain boring chairs VS Chair Covers

Plain chairs are fine but they add no value to the room, they can make the room look simple and does not draw attention. The fantastic idea behind the chair covers is that they have the ability to cover unsightly chairs make the room more delicate and come in various colours even though most brides chose white or ivory chair covers. Choosing white or ivory really does set off the colour scheme so adds a real elegant touch.

Chair Cover hire and sashes
Chair Covers

Bows and Sashes.

It is also a fantastic idea to have just simple sashes or bows to tie onto the back of the chair. Its a good idea if you are sticking to a tight budget but still want some form of colour to the room. It is good if you have a wedding reception outside and just want a bit of colour to add some femininity to the scene. The great thing is that the bows and sashes can be a mix of colours and can be added all over the room not just the back of the chairs.

Sash with flower decoration reception
Wedding Sash and Flower


Flowers are Fabulous, they are a sign of life love and colour, match the flowers to the decor and your theme, to really set off the colour scheme. Petals can be sprinkled on the tables for a real romantic feel or go extreme and use a large flower arrangement for the centre piece. It is even possible to add flowers to the backs of the chair covers entwined with the sash and bow. Orchids, Tulips, pussy willow and Calla Lily’s are the most popular for weddings, but why stick with the popular flower. Match your personality to your flower and add it to the reception for your own personal feel. Remember flowers can go everywhere with a little imagination

Rose petals at the wedding reception and table
Rose petals wedding


Wedding at night, why not add a room full of candles this is a picturesque beautiful and highly romantic wedding reception. Very popular for the uber chic and Americano weddings especially when the reception is outdoors or in a exotic location. Problems with transforming an entire room to candle light in a UK venue may be health and safety issues and insurance policy guidelines but if you plan the venue with enough time you can get what you want! The great thing about candles is that they have double one for light and two for beauty- cover the table in candles and its possible to even locate a centre piece candle that contains glamour size that you are after.

Lighted tree


  1. That is really helpful. It presented me some ideas and I’ll be placing them on my blog eventually. I’m bookmarking your blog and I’ll be back again. Thank you again!

  2. Pictures are awesome. Wedding is really special to one’s life so everybody wants some special about that. So is wedding reception. You really give good ideas about how to decorate wedding palace.


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