Wedding favours are a typical tradition in western weddings, given as a gesture to the guests to say thank you for coming to celebrate the matrimonial ceremony.

wedding almonds

Typical wedding favours as most will know is almonds- historically these have been used for centuries as a way to give thanks to the guests and wish the bride and groom well in their new lives. In the past five Jordan almonds would be encased in a confectionery box or organza bag to add colour to the wedding theme and represent fertility, longevity wealth, health and happiness- which is the bitterness of almonds and with the sweetness of the coated sweet translating to bitter sweetness of marriage!

Almonds in modern times have now been substituted with sweets, chocolates, wine or jewelery the list is endless and varies from budget to budget and the brides or grooms personal choice.

The potential wedding favours on offer is vast and since our last wedding this past week we were highlighted to the popularity of the children’s wedding favours.

The TEDDYBEAR wedding favor

This is one of the cutest products on the market for child wedding favours, the great thing about these is that it can be enjoyed for young children and old, they are sweet and the children at the wedding will be more than happy.

Wedding favours for kids
Wedding Favour teddy bear

Party Bags

A great choice is the party bag- they can be easily made up at home with penny sweets and mini toys and can be customised to your needs and what you want to give to the wonderful kids that come to the party. But we have found a great company that produces uniuqe party bags that will keep the kids entertained to survive the speeches!

wedding party bag
Party bags

Kids Sweets

At the wedding we visited this week- we were happy to see these plastic filled toys with with tasty classic sweets- the bride had ingeniously tied in the wedding theme through the use of a navy blue bows.

wedding sweet favour kids
Kids sweet favour

So of course, the options are limitless

Have a look around choose a favour thats personal to you and your guests afterall its a gift!

We will be posting more pictures from this beautiful wedding event shortly!

Featuring lovely blue organza bows and chair covers


  1. I think teddy Bears is a good idea to give out at weddings but it will be really expensive to give out to every single child at the wedding!

  2. For kids wedding favours, its good to put some sweets inside the bags. This will surprise the kids and for them to have something to munch on the way home.


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