After the success of our Excel Wedding Show our purple and black wedding theme went down a right treat. Confirming the current and continuing trend for purple wedding themes.

two sashes
Black Taffeta and Purple Organza


Purple is a striking and bold colour using a complementary selection of shades and hues you can make a delightful strong wedding statement of your dreams, from small hints of purple to bold impressions of purple throughtout your wedding reception.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate purple into your wedding would be through the use of a white chair cover with a purple sash, the sash can come in a variety of materials from the popular organza sash to the stunning taffeta.

purple sash
Purple Taffeta Sash

The fabulous Cadbury’s purple organza sash tied into a ravishing bow that has presence and adds an outstanding striking impression on your guests that they will never forget.

Wedding Flowers are the next popular item on the table at most weddings, purple flowers are seen to be exotic and exquisite as centrepieces to garnishing the aisle or venue.

Purple wedding flower ideas
Purple wedding flowers

There are a wide selection of flowers for the purple lovers- each flower adds different qualities to your decor from the scent to the varitety of boldness each flower provides.

The most popular types of purple flowers include the following:

Wisteria, Tulips, Statice, Gladiolas, Lisianthus, Lupine, Clematis, Orchids,  Lavinder, Blue jacaranda, Hawaiian Cattleya, Purple Roses- stand by for the pictures!



Lisianthus flowers
Lisianthus flower arrangement



Lupine flowers
Lupine flower Arrangement



Purple Flowers
Beautiful bold flowers



Gladiolas flowers


Wedding Cake Ideas

Cakes are one of the favourite parts of most weddings- a fantastic way to demonstrate your own personality from the cake flavour, cake topper, cake colour and the cake levels, a lot of choice when it comes to the cake. But a delicious and fun choice at least!

Cakes come in a vartiety of flavours so let your imagination run wild, posted below are some exciting and yummy purple cake inspirations.

purple cupcakes
Purple Cupcakes


purple wedding cake
Purple Petal Cake topper



purple wedding cake
Purple and gold cake


cadbury's purple cake
cadbury's purple cake



Random Purple Accents

A lot of brides like to spice up their weddings from the straight laced plain cookie cut weddings with a quick accent of colour and why not add your theme colour of purple into the mix. The images below give some more purple inspirational ideas for random accents of fun colour.

Purple tie
Men's purple



purple wedding inspiration shoes
Beautiful hints of purple


purple wedding table
Purple table lighting


crystal tree
crystal tree


purple wedding lights

Unbelievable amounts of choice in all forms that you can add to your table with different centrepieces and wedding accents- the room ambiance can completely change with the choices you make, so make a statement and make it look great!

You and your bridesmaids can go as ‘purple as possible’ or just slight hints- either works well for a fantastic overall look.

purple bridesmaid

purple hat wedding





  1. All set ups were all great! I have to admit that overall I’m really impressed with this particular site especially on those table decorations. Everything is perfectly decorated.


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