Last week we had the pleasure of returning to one of our popular venues at Sundridge Park in Bromley, for a wonderful bride that had picked a lovely baby pink organza tied in a unique and special way!

Baby Pink organza white chair covers

As you can see our bride had chosen a corporate knot style of sash- it is a subtle and unique way to produce this fabulous affect of elegance and beauty.


organza sash pink

We loved her little touches of nature and beauty that surrounded the ceremony room and reception.

She had lovely bay trees that she adorned with pink butterflies and sparkles– it was beautiful!

bay tree baby pink
Pretty Bay Tree

Her choice of flower decorations were a mixture of very fresh peonies and other summer flowers.

flowers pink

Despite the multiple times of decorating the rooms at Sundridge park– today was one of the first time I had actually looked up! and when I did I saw the beautiful ceiling- lost of tiny stunning detail had gone into making the manor a beautiful location for a lovely summers wedding.

sundridge park bromley


I love detail as you can see!

The table continued her lovely soft vintage baby pink theme with ivory bird cages filled with the popular flower this year peonies and the creative table names featured the Love birds which took to the natural and naturist side of the wedding and the bride and grooms personality. This table was labelled “English man in New York”

Birdcage weddings centerpiece
Vintage Birdcage Centerpiece


The Bride also had chosen to add a pretty table runner to the table to incorporate a splash of colour- Baby pink Organza table Runners are a great touch to this table. It continues the theme without overtaking the table decorations – combined with the vintage cage which would look great with candles or flowers it can really beautify a room.


white wedding cake pink flowers

Her cake was a round three tier cake with very special detail such as the handmade birds, roses and the banner.

Alongside the bride and groom cake topper



The top table had a mixture of vintage candle holders, butterflies our top table swag embellished with a rose draping which matched perfectly in terms of colour and theme. It really made the room have a romantic, magical almost Disney feel.

We Loved It

organza table swag with flowers
Organza Table Swag with Flowers


Another Successful day at the Designer Chair Covers To Go offices…


if you would like any information on this or any of our other weddings – get in contact today.





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