We have table name or number holders avaliable for hire to any of our brides getting married.

The metal chrome 30cm tall table name holders are a pretty way to label each table so your seating plan can be followed.

Often these table name or number holders can be over looked or forgetten but these make it easy for your guests to notice the table seating system and does not take any space from the table as the card is held in the air.

We have large numbers of these for hire at fantastic prices.

Get intouch to hire the Table name holders or the Number Holders for your wedding, event or party!

candelabra and name holder

As you can see from the image the chrome affect from the table name works well to elegantly label the table without too much fuss and looks much prettier than the card simply placed onto the table.

Contact us for a quote on our table name holders if your venue does not provide them for you.


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