As mentioned in previous pages over the past year we are catering for more and more exciting and unique weddings held across London and the UK.

With each wedding we complete we try to add new and exciting items and we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest Candelabra which is very grand and beautiful in size.

For parties or events that want even more glamour and drama when it comes to decor.

Our 100cm 5 arm silver candelabra is now part of our candelabra collection that can be hired for your event or celebration.

These paired with our large mirror bases, and tea lights look superb for any wedding, celebration or event.

For more information get in contact today!


This is a beautiful example of how extra tall 100cm candelabras can transform your event.

In this particular wedding the use of artificial candles provided a safe yet elegant look and feel to the room.

Paired with real beautiful blue flowers that matched the marquee lining- we thought it was a great choice!




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