How to use Candles in a wedding?

Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and because of this it works fantastically well to create a highly unique and special wedding ceremony and reception decor. Its possible to create a warm environment for you and your guests to celebrate your day with the use of something very simple such as candles and vases. We look at few possible ways in which candles can be used to decorate your wedding space.

Tealights have always been a romantic feature often used at restaurants, parties anywhere that is particulaly interment between two or more people. Because of this it has become a staple for dinners, meals, dates, engagement proposals and wedding tables. On a large scale tealights placed all over the room is a very beautiful romantic scene often seen in romance films and replicated by loved ones for special days. Tealights on a smaller scale can be great for the tables at the wedding, the ceremony when walking up the ailse.

Anywhere in between- if not completely covering the room why not have a few on the mantelpiece or on the tables where your guests will be sitting during the interval, small detail pays off and contributes to the entire room decor.

tealights on piano

Why not put tea lights leading to the room of your ceremony- this works particularly well if you have a night wedding. It creates a very romantic and beautiful setting for your guests to walk up to before they lead to take their seats. Very mysterious and sultry.

tealights wedding floor

Candles can also be great to put on the floor whilst you walk up the aisle  your photographs will be dramatic, your guests will get immersed in the wedding and its disney romance- its always a popular one as it always looks simply elegant and beautiful. With the flicker of the candle it casts a gentle movement into the room which also adds a stunning element whilst the vowels are being said.

candles on the asile wedding

The mix of vases to present the assortment of candles is another creative and genius way to display the candles, the use of height creates a very attractive dynamic to the room.


Table centrepieces.

Floral arrangements can prove to be a large budget taker however with the use of candles it can instantaneously bring the budget back in line without removing the beauty of table decorations.

Why not add hanging candles to the table centres to add a romantic flavour and further atmospheric presence.

tealights on centrepiece

Its beautiful for outdoor weddings, evening or dusk weddings and can be used to decorate the church or religious ceremonal location.

Why not add plenty of candles to the table a stunning glow of candle can create a romantic ambiance for your guests and very sexy for your photos!

Candles can be incorporated into fish bowls, martini vases, conical vases the list goes on- many types of candles for your big day and lots to choose from- and we love that! Creativity to its fullest.

top table

Usually the top table is often decorated with a large floral arrangement but why not try something a bit different with a candle arrangement.

candles on the top table

The use of floating candles work fantastically well for the mini tube vases alongisde the mini tealights.

This is a very intimate way to decorate the top table without the use of a large intimidating floral arrangement often found at weddings. The candle arrangement is a very elegant way to try something different and unique with your table decorations.


CAndles are a great choice for weddings after all its all about intimacy romance and love the basics of a candle!

However it is paramount you double check with your venue to ensure they are ok with open flames and candles. Many listed buildings around London and the UK do not allow candles due to the danger risks however there are alterate solutions to this – through the use of our Candles that are flameless!

Safe candles are perfect if you are having children attend the wedding or your venue does not permit open flames..

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