It appears as if the wedding season is officially now in full swing, weekends we are choco block with weddings and events and I believe so far this year the 4th May will be the busiest day so far (minus September and august months)

However todays article is about a lovely wedding held at one of London’s most secrete venues in a beautiful garden about 7 floors high.

The Kensington Roof gardens!

A frequent member to the roof gardens for both business and pleasure this weekend we had the opportunity to provide our lovely bride and groom with a stunning setup of black and white monochrome affects to the room.

black and white wedding theme

The ceremony was held inside (due to the great british weather) but the grand location of the Roof Gardens made it very fitting for the wedding.

Black Wedding chair covers alongside White taffeta sashes make the perfect striking first impression for your guests and the bridal party.

For those that follow our blog, you will know that taffeta sashes are our favourite due to their prominent features so alongside an extra sleek black chair cover it is the perfect combination..

Aligning the ailse bird cages with cute pink and white flowers.

The aisle could have been completed with a crisp white aisle runner for the perfect completed look. We now have white aisle runners in stock!

bird cage wedding


bird cages wedding


The bar area where guests would have drinks and nibbles before moving back into the ceremony room for the transformed sit down featured our LARGE Designer Globes alongside our black poseur table covers.

Keeping in with the monochrome theme whilst having a sleek finish on the table.

For more on poseur table click here:


poseur tables wedding


We admired the little touches the bride and groom added to their wedding..dolls wedding

On returning to collect from this wedding we found our globes glowing away in the light so it was imperative that we got a shot of them among the amazing spread of alcoholic bottles at the bar.

As you can see here they look remarkable!

For more information on anything we have spoken about here today then simply get in touch,

we carry a wide range of items from chair covers, sashes, accessories and more..

crystal centrepieces wedding




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