This post is going to be a simple but hopefully an effective one, we have had the privilege of providing decor for a record number of weddings this summer, with the average weekend consisting of 8-10 weddings, from July to the end of september. As we offer a wide range of items each wedding was always very different. It has been incredible. With that said its been very difficult to capture the final room photographs because we are off to the next wedding, so we are now awaiting the professional images from the photographers.

The first set have finally come through. We received some stunning images from a Wedding we provided our mirror table tops and charger plates for at the Hilton Waldorf Astoria.

The entire post I will get up on the site soon but this is just to showcase a minor detail and the beauty of the charger plates on the mirror table tops and how well they work together.beaded charger plate

We have our charger plates in silver and gold and a large number of mirror table tops for the largest of weddings..

For more information please send us an email and we can get cracking on building a superb wedding for you.



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