The Lace hood sashes have been a very popular over the past year- the vintage theme for weddings is still very much up and running.

The chair covers were are white stretch lycra. The chair covers that fit 99% of chairs without arms!

These chair covers were combined with our lace hood sash which completely covers the back of the chair.

Paired with our bespoke large crystal buckles they created this gorgeous look that really wowed guests.

lace sash weddingThis lovely December wedding took place in one of our favourite London venues.

Aligning the aisle with some very festive red florals made this a superb christmas eve wedding.

We supply our decor all over the London and south east regions.

If you are looking for chair covers and sashes get in touch.

We have a variety of accessories, sashes and chair covers to assist you in creating a lovely look for your function.

lace vintage wedding




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