St Ermins Hotel Wedding – Flower Wall- Round Dancefloor and Florals


St Ermins hotel wedding

St Ermins hotel is one of my favourite secrete venues right in the heart of St James.

st ermins hotel london

It has a fabulous court yard perfect for those romantic wedding photographs that you must get on your special day.

It is very art deco very beautiful balconies and staircases which are perfect for those Instagram dramatic shots!


The venue holds approx 100 guests so it is a smaller venue for guest numbers but it really is a beautiful space.

So this was a wedding for a very lovely couple.

She wanted to have a stunning candle lit dinner and reception which was made of ivories and blush pinks – the colour scheme of the year!

The ceremony and reception dinner was hosted in the same venue but different suites.

So items were moved from the ceremony to the following room for the reception.

This is a perfect way of getting to use your centrepieces for double usage.

The walkway from the bridal room to the ceremony are through the staircase which the venue provided various candles to align her walkway.


The Ceremony:

Featured our 2M wide Freestanding flower wall filled with blush pink hydrangeas, roses, peonies and orchids. We only used hint of the pink to keep it subtle.

The 2M wide flower wall is the smallest size we do – but its large enough for a head table, a ceremony or a wall for photographs.

The wall can be positioned inside only due to the silk flowers that we use.

We used our white pedestals to align the aisle with silver trumpet vases and a mix of silk and fresh flowers.

ST ERMINS HOTEL WEDDINGThe arrangements fooled many of her guests!

We invested in quality silk flowers which really are touch-to-prove if they are fresh or silk.

Advantages of the silk flowers is that you certainly get more value for money.

It is truly becoming one of the popular centrepieces we offer.

The ceremony also featured a clear table filled with fresh petals which was an excellent touch for a standing ceremony.

This would have made a perfect photo for the ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment!

The ceremony table can now also be hired from our main site: so please view our main site..


flower wall ceremony

Moving onto the reception!

The table plan for the reception used many of our silk flowers- our team put together this bespoke board filled with roses, hydrangeas, peonies in a mix of ivories blushes and pinks.

This stood at the entrance to the room and captured the attention of every guest in house!


flower frame

The Reception Room

Looking down from above the items were then moved to the reception.

The drapes were moved to the back wall

The Freestanding flower wall was rebuilt behind the couples sweetheart table.

2 of the White pedestals were moved alongside the head table with 2 of the trumpet vases.

We made a silk floral runner for the head table- highly luxurious and full to make the most impact.

We made a second floral runner for the stage where the band played.

This was all onlooking the round dancefloor which we also provide!

The round dancefloor is perfect in the space of the ball room as it is a great space saver.

It is both unique, different and a centrepiece in its own right.

round dancefloor

More can be seen on our instagram page which can be found here:

The final look can be seen here:

wedding flowers centrepieces

If you like any of the items do let us know.

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