This unique Christmas Tree Centrepiece is one of our favourite Christmas designs. What is better than an actual tree to place to the centre of the table? When the guests enter the room they will straight away feel that warm happiness in their heart that we always feel around this time of the year. To stay on the eco friendly events, we offer artificial trees as well as potted plants. The theme you would like these to be decorated is all up to you. Every event is different, some stay to the traditional gold, silver, burgundy or champagne colours. We like creating something new and design centrepieces in less popular colours. Powder blue and pink baubles and garlands are getting be more and more popular year after year. We can add fairylights, bows, pearls strings, crystal chains or even flowers to your tree centrepieces. Every design is bespoke, we work together to create something unforgettable. Candles, tealights, taper candles are all available to hire from us. If your venue doesn’t allow using real flame, do not worry, we have LED options as well! If you think of going for a high and low look, we have booster boxes, raisers to have an extra height for the table décor.


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